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Anna Kushnerova

 Siberian-born fashion designer Anna Kushnerova grew up in Madrid and studied Business in London before settling in Antwerp where she attended the Antwerp fashion academy in 2006. After completing her 2nd year, Anna left to pursue her dream of establishing a new creative destination in Antwerp, and together with Romain Brau she started RA in 2009, after years of travel and research. Today Anna is the director and buyer of RA, and continues to pursue art and fashion projects on the side, including 'Hide A.H' - a fashion collection with Japanese designer Hiroko Hirasawa in 2009-10. Anna has participated in exhibitions at the RA Paris showroom (most recently with her self-titled SS12 collection) and exhibited hybrid art/fashion projects at the Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011 and Art Basel 2011. 

In 2013, the minds of Anna Kushnerova & Michelle Woods came together and they joined their artful fingers to create PEARLIS, a line of bespoke women garments.

Stemming from an intimate collaboration of the two designers minds and souls, PEARLIS's first collection proposes a romantic & crafty interpretation of the modern summer garde-robe through eight fanciful silhouettes and shoe designs that will suit musical women on their daily and nocturnal ventures.