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Azusa Itagaki

Azusa Itagaki was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1986. She is a Stockholm-based photographer, filmmaker and performance artist. She currently studies at Centre for Fashion at Master Level at Stockholm University. In June 2012 Azusa presented  "Inside the Dollhouse" at RA Antwerp ,an artistic research in collaboration with the male collectors of life-like silicone dolls (distinguished from sex dolls). Her project began in winter 2010 in Japan, and took her to France, England, and the USA to interview these men in their homes. Not only taking a documentary approach to this phenomena, the artist places her own body in the artistic frame, and also engages with the dolls in their owner's homes. Azusa explores the deep relationships fostered between men and these dolls, that reach far beyond sexual fulfillment in an artistic, social and creative context.

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