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Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto

Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto form the design cooperative BCXSY, based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The pair work together, “two unique talents creating one unique narrative.” Their work branches across different disciplines of industrial and interior design, jewellery, furniture and objects. Boaz and Sayaka’s works possess a quaint, artisanal aesthetic that resonates a quirky pairing of form and function that often turns conventions on their head [a vase that cannot hold water?!]. For RA, Boaz and Sayaka created the Kaleidoscope Cabinet, a modular jewellery display made of birch wood plywood with oak veneer, mirror panels and glass plates. The inspiration and idea behind the pieces are to exhibit jewelry pieces, often so small, in a more voluminous way by using reflections. The mirrors on the inside enhancing the light, as does the oak veneer, giving the pieces some more calmness. Inside you will find beautifully crafted jewellery pieces by sayaka herself and the other international jewellery designers found at RA Antwerp, including Heaven Tanudiredja and Jordan Askill. Sayaka has continued to collaborate with RA on several jewellery projects for RA Antwerp, launching her 'COLLECSSION' range with a presentation in August 2010 and participating in the RA Paris showrooms in 2011.

Sayaka Yamamoto's rubber butterfly brooches