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Carlos Arroyo Galaxia

Spanish photographer and multimedia artist Carlos Arroyo Galaxia explores an evolving dialogue of religious and historical iconography in the digital age. Having studied Fine Arts at the Facultad de Bellas artes de San Carlos in Valencia in 2008, Carlos showed his 'BE AN IDOL' exhibition at RA in February 2010. His multimedia installation of artworks transformed the ra corridor and restaurant into a sacrificial space - with each artwork as an offering to the deity that he placed in the front window (a god with his scalloped headdress - surrounded by gifts of fruits, flowers and slow burning candles).  Canadian violinist Nicholas Fountaine personified Galaxia's god for a performance art piece, donning a calico robe and the IDOL headdress, playing erratically as the artist attached white roses to his robes, throwing coins at his feet and praising him on his knees.  As Nicholas played, Carlos lit a circle of lights around his head, and on the final note, unveiled a neon LOVE sign in the centre, buzzing and flashing eerily.  The performance was accompanied by satellite altars - laptop computers connecting the ceremony to Carlos' hometown, with his family sitting at their own altars, watching and participating via skype. Exotic fruits and vegetables lay with candles at the base of two ceremonial wall drapings, covered in circular patterns of roses.  In the RA kitchen, Carlos projected a video from his Moon series, with the psychadelic colours constantly changing, as though the moons of faraway galaxies. These were recreated in the 'ice moon' and 'rose moon' prints installed in the corridor, along with Carlos' portraits of various street-cast subjects wearing the idol hat, each assuming the identity, each being an idol.