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Eleonora Bruno

Eleonora Bruno Since 2009, the young Italian designer Eleonora "fights" for the return of the hat into women's wardrobes. Having studied fashion at the PoliModa School in Florence, Bruno began creating hats, with the concept of "Important Hats for Intelligent Minds", for women that are not afraid to justify their personal "madness". The creations are totally hand made, and involve a careful research into innovative materials, including real dried flowers, antique necklaces, delicate lace, and of course feathers. The ELY.B. trademark is the contrast between ancient and modern, between twigs and sparkling diamonds, falling down like a waterfall of happiness when worn. All the creations are one-off pieces, never the same, so that the women that wear ELY.B. will always be the one and only (like the hat on her head).

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