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Gioia Seghers

The Belgian designer Gioia Seghers won the winner of the RA Women's Fashion Prize for the Graduating Class of La Cambre 2012 and presented her graduate collection 'Crystalized Halos' at RA Paris in September 2012. Drawing inspiration from the mystery and fragility of the Arctic world, Gioia explores its cold colors and a contrast of materials, referencing the Inuit people huddled in their parkas. She further explores the same atmosphere of isolation and remoteness in the monastic world of the abbesses, and works flowing and feminine fabrics such as lace overlays, weighed down and contrasted with eyelets. The materials oppose black and white tonalities and the long and ample robes are held at the waist by a rubber belt.

Obsessed with creation since the age of 12, Gioia Seghers entered the world of fashion knitting scarves and hats. After high school the Belgian designer studied textiles in Madrid, before entering the prestigious La Cambre fashion academy in Brussels in 2009.

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