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Irene Alvarez

Hailing from Madrid in Spain, conceptual textile artist Irene Alvarez studied Fine Arts before completing her masters in sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. Irene’s illustrations and sculptural works hold a tribal, child-like appeal that reveals deeper sociopolitical questioning upon closer inspection. Weaving heavy carpet-like textiles, Irene’s cartoonlike embroidery includes both subtle and overt references to latin american art and textiles, with comments on consumerism and technology. Irene has collaborated with RA since 2009, when she crafted a metaphoric 'altar' sculpture idol sculpture and carpet. For the RA Paris exhibition for SS11, Irene created an ethnic-inspired fabric tipi, and in November 2011 presented her latest works at RA Antwerp in a new exhibition entitled 'TURN ME OP', as well as a unique 'Bambi' wall mural in the RA Kitchen.

Bambi, 2011