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Jui Chen Hu

Jui-Chen Hu was born in 1988 in Taipei, Taiwan. After graduating from Taipei National University of the Arts as a Fine Art major, she moved to Florence, Italy and enrolled at Polimoda International institute of Fashion design and Marketing. Because of the deep influence of her previous artistic education, Jui-Chen’s work is pervaded by a strong expression of visual elements, a mixture of texture and form. Basing on the experience of living abroad and cultural research, she seeks to find new interpretations of the notions of East and West.

Her collection Yin Yang illusion is inspired by the Beijin opera from the late Qing dynasty.
Throughout Chinese history, drama is considered as one of the most important art forms and Jui Chen-Hu became fascinated by actors and actresses from the end of the Ching dynasty such as Mei Lanfang, who used to play women's roles, and his wife Meng Xiaodong, who was famous for playing men's roles on stage.
Combining the illusion of gender and identity with the culture of Qing dynasty and the works of artists Alexander Tinie and Nadav Kander, Jui-Chen Hu started her own journey to find an identity.

Jui Chen Hu will be presenting her womenswear collection during September 2013's Paris Fashion Week at the RA showroom in Paris.

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