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Justin Lee Stansfield

The visual artist Justin Lee Stansfield was born in Lancashire, England and studied Painting and Philosophy in London. He now lives and works in Belgium & Spain. While living in London in the late nineties, Justin returned to art-making in an attempt to resolve/explore/bridge a growing chasm between mainstream communication and the people. In 2004, Justin detached from the London frame to seek a new environment in Andalucía, Spain. Here he continued the project but new elements entered the work, subject matter became less ideologically motivated and his paintings become colour muted as if faded by the sun. The work became more focused and a clearer conception of what he wanted the work to do more apparent. After a number of trips to Belgium in 2006-7 he finally moved there in 2008 and currently resides in the city of Antwerp where the project continues.

Thumbs, 2004

Justin presents an exhibition at RA Antwerp from August 8th - September 9th 2012.