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La Fratrie

Paris-based artists Karim & Luc Berchiche AKA 'La Fratrie’ Karim Berchiche, 1978, born in Le Quesnoy, France,  DEA degree in Political Sciences, Sciences-Po Paris, France.
Luc Berchiche, 1981, born in Le Quesnoy, France Master degree in fine arts, University of Lille 3, France. Siblings Luke and Karim Berchiche, create sculptures by hand with fascinating details and evocations that question man in his relation to the environment. Their suspended islands, miniature constructions, are marked with a precision of the plastic and formal, signifying their creators as artisans of a utopian world in the strictest sense ("a place that is not"). These rocks are floating worlds, in themselves illusions uprooted from their original space. Unique and complex fictions, they introduce narrative scenes most often allegorical, as well as real reflections on the brevity and fragility of life.