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Lena Lumelsky

Russian womenswear designer Lena Lumelsky graduated the Antwerp Academy in 2006, whereafter she worked within various ateliers before pursuing her eponymous label exclusively for RA, for Autumn Winter 2009. Her film-noir inspired designs attracted the attention of the MoMu fashion museum in Antwerp, who displayed a black silk evening dress as a part of the BLACK Exhibition in 2010. Lena orchestrated further special projects in conjunction with the BLACK exhibition, including the RA Black Theatre - a fashion shadow-puppet book that she illustrated and co-produced with RA. Enlisting the piano stylings of acclaimed Antwerp pianist François Glorieux, Lena organised an interpretive dance performance at RA in 2010, choreographing an intricate mime performance on a black stage under UV light, effectively bringing her Black Theatre to life. Lena has been a participant in two editions of the RA Paris showroom, and is the winner of the 2011 MANGO Prize for fashion design.

Lena Lumelsky Autumn Winter 2009-10 photographed by Zeb Daemen