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Paula Selby Avellaneda

Argentinian-born Paula Selby Avellaneda completed her studies at the Antwerp Academy in 2010. Paula graduated with her collection "Clean up nicely", an adolescent nightmare of prom queens and horror film references realised in a mish-mash of shredded + sliced fabrics. Her girly-turned-goth silhouettes were realised with both classical and experimental fabrics, such as glow-in-the-dark beading, shredded tweeds, latex and chains. Establishing the label "House of Matching Colours" with Eva Moari, Paula studies fashion textile development and realises unique garments with a focus on creating unique pieces for performers and artists. Paula has participated in two installments of the RA Paris exhibitions. Selected pieces are available online and at RA Antwerp.

House of Matching Colours, by Paula Selby Avellaneda, 2011