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Petrus Heeren

"I like to reveal secrets, especially when they are hidden within daily subjects. In the end I like to bring people closer to each other and discover each other's secrets." Petrus Heeren is an antwerp based multi-disciplinary artist who creates installations and interventions, any medium in the function of his ideas.

Petrus mixes styles, eras and artisanal craftmanship in contemporary subjects. the full mix of all this media is a red line within his work. He is inspired by secrets, voyeurism and anachronisms. Past projects include 'depth', a wall installation of five repeating portraits in perspective that shows the developement of the aging process, in the idea that by collecting new experiences and knowledge we interpret our past differently, again and again.

For RA, Petrus designed our first web platform (2009-11), with the premise of a voyeuristic platform. Starting from the idea of using shutter mechanisms, the site turned into a layered machine. Strong and vibrant though anonymous, flexible and in function of everything that we do at RA. He has created installations for the 18+ party (Feb '10), the Sugar House at Arnhem Mode Biennale, and a projected painting in the corridor of RA Antwerp.