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Polina Stepanova

WHAT VOODOO YOU DO is the name of my collection, and I DO accessories.
Each of them is a totem inspired on Haitian voodoo rituals and power figures.
Do you know how they prayed in Haiti? They would take a wooden figure,
name it after something or someone desired, make a wish and stab the figure with a knife!
I was totally fascinated by this way of wishing for something and started discovering my own way of voodoo. It all started with me making sculptures of animal like creatures that didn't have any face, chimeras with only back and legs, and i would pierce every inch of them with nails, as if they've got cursed and their fur gone silver. This is a collection of totems: accessories and sculptures. and the first accessories I've created were 17cm high pump shoes with stone henge shaped carved wooden platforms. When you walk stone hinges you go immortal! It's all about power in action. I've painted the wood in grey dust tones to give a feel of time and story from the exotic swamp forests far in Haiti where each tree may ones become a sacred figure. 
The story continued, I've created box shaped bags in black shiny leather with flashes of blue or deep green that had carved wooden bottoms. You can stand your bag on the ground and the wood will keep the evil from it, ( and yes it's finally a bag you can stand on the ground! What is it if not a totem of all?

Cheers)  I've also designed necklaces (and named them A FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH and THE BELL OF HELL), bracelet with 7 whips attached and loose whips (brushes??) as independent objects. I've gone through this voodoo experience collaborating with an amazing private leather atelier COLLEKTIF D'ANVERS, and its head specialist (sounds like we were cutting the heads, but proper voodoo ain't go that far) Nathalie Von Leisebettens. Nathalie, a shoe pattern maker and a professional of leather treatments, luckily appeared to be as mad about magic and wicked power rituals as me so it was an amazing collaboration!!!

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