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Yuima Nakazato

The sleek, futuristic creations of Tokyo-based designer Yuima Nakazato could be labelled ‘cyber-couture’, being costume pieces, shoes and jewellery handsculpted from unusual fabrics and metals. Having graced the form of Lady Gaga, Yuima was pinpointed by stylist Nicola Formichetti as one of Japan’s hottest new talents. He has recently expanded his impressive repertoire to include menswear. From Tokyo to Antwerp via Paris, Yuima Nakazato's SS2010 collection of shoes and body jewellery was showcased alongside a silent fashion film in RA Antwerp. Yuima's high zipped leather boot won the YKK award at ITS#8, for an ingenious design that folds and unbottons from the boot into a flat semicircle of leather. It is accompanied by a low zipped flat slipper, a chainmail shoulderpiece and chainmail leggings. The film portrayed a dancer in the dark, wearing the heavy, fluid chainmail and intricate shoes, performing a slow routine. Since then Yuima has regularly presented his collection in Paris as a part of the RA showrooms.