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1st Year Celebration

to celebrate 1 year in antwerp, ra transformed the ground floor into a fiesta of colour, light + party fun. festooned with hanging decorations, illuminated by glowing pink flamingos + shadowed by palm trees, one could hardly recognise the decadent venue. a chocolate fountain flowed as jellyfish floated from the ceilings, and various performances entertained guests into the early hours of the morning. ra's ITS#9 award winner niels peeraer used the 1 year party to show his collection in an "implanted situation", as his androgynous asian models drank tea + painted in a tranquil ceremony.  antwerp-based trio balbaard played a live gig for us, introducing their new formula of indie synths punctuated with lively cello, backed by soft percussions.  from paris' beaux arts academy, the 'nuleska' act orchestrated a laborious display of ingenuious mechanics. the troupe of four artists clothed in grey felt bodysuits constructed wooden frames + harnesses to create a snowstorm of polystyrene balls, complimented by surreal snowy video projections.   hailing from vienna + antwerp, the mash-up art/performance collective of spaghetti bang bang returned to ra for a second diabolical circus show at the end of the evening - chock-full of their signature erotic riot of colour, light + flesh. all was suitably amplified by their 3am timeslot, ensuring guests were more than ready to enjoy their raucous festival.

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