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'4 times 2 silhouettes and 2 portraits of me'

Designer Jean Paul Lespagnard answers three questions for us... 1. You have a pet i hear?   Yes I have a guinea pig. he's king of the mascot of our atelier.  Guinea pigs are the most friendly and designed animals. It reminds me my childhood as well. I used to have 25 of them in my garden.   2. You are never seen without a smile on your face, how come? what makes you smile so much?   This is a funny question because i'm always asking myself: "Why are people always smiling at me?"   3. Since this will be a retrospective, what is the main message behind your work?   Most of the pieces you're looking at are "working clothes". I mean that I'm using these pieces every time I design a new collection. So you will see details (pockets, animal prints, snaps...)  passing from one collection to the next one or the one after. This is why you'll see that not all the pieces are clean because of the no-sleep-night coffee and all the manipulations and travels and photo shoots etc etc these are living pieces. these are tools to find key words to communicate with my public. The portraits are just simple portraits of me dressed as Maya the Bee in Mexico, the country of mayan people.

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