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Blushing Beauties by Ivan Schauvliege

The Belgian choreographer and performer Ivan Schauvliege presents "Blushing Berries", a performance at RA Antwerp from 8:30pm on Friday March 29th.   Music; Joachim Brackx Costume; Griet Herssens Duration; ± 45 min. "We finally stood still, feeling the juices of berries seep through our hands. The walls are so white we dare not touch them, at least, not yet. A single juicy drop from the corner of your lips. A sigh. A silent stare. Let it begin. And than, never let it end. Together with five performers, Ivan Schauvliege and Joachim Brackx observe the new codes of love and seduction. Three women, two men, sing and dance about love, in a field of raspberries.

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