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EXTENDED - Friday the 13th, curated by Sacha Eckes

6 Artists: Alexandra Crouwers (NL), Sacha Eckes (BE/USA), Laurent Impeduglia (BE), Rufus Michielsen (BE), Kottie Paloma (USA), Mon Colonel & Spit (BE) These 6 artists share a love for the absurd, the cynical, comics and other underground and popular culture and darker aspects of life. Artists not afraid to confront the viewer with the harder truths in life, but coated with a candy colored sense of humor but sometimes bathed in deeper shades of grey. All artworks are available for sale at RA Antwerp. Enquire with A word with the curator, Sacha Eckes: 1. What does Friday the 13th mean to you? I associate Friday the 13th with scary movies I used to watch when I lived in San Francisco as a kid and consequently I associate it with American kitsch-horror culture. 2. Opening this exhibition on this day seems like a pointed decision or a great coincidence. How would you describe the 'darkness' within your work and the other artists in the exhibition? It was a great coincidence! Other dates were suggested but since Friday the 13th was an option, I insisted on the date and felt it would also be a good theme for the show. Also a great coincidence that Laurent was born on Friday the 13th... and I was born on Saturday the 14th. We all deal with 'darkness' in our work but we do so with a great deal of humor and a dash of cynicism. We don't shy away from the darker aspects of life, we recognize that they are a natural part of it. Most importantly I think that we all believe in some light at the end of the tunnel. Our work is also imbued in a sense of hope. 3. Tell us a little more about your artists. Where are they from? What do they stand for? Kottie is originally from Los Angeles. I knew Kottie while I was living in San Francisco. He later moved to Brooklyn and recently relocated to Berlin. He has shown at numerous galleries in NY, Paris and elsewhere. Rufus and Alexandra are artists who live in Antwerp. I got in contact with Laurent through Kottie. Laurent lives in Liège and is represented by Maes & Matthijs in Antwerp. Mon Colonel and Spit are two artists who collaborate on their pieces. They are represented by Aliceday in Brussels. Laurent brought them into the show. They also live in Liège. And what's also a coincidence is that Mon Colonel is from Heure Le Romain, the same little town outside of Liège where I lived until I was five years old! 4. How do you feel the works resonate with the philosophy of RA and the physical space? I love RA space in the way it isn't confined to just one art form. It is much more accessible to the public than a classic commercial gallery. It's inviting to walk into to space and it's unpretentious. For instance, people who walk in to go to the restaurant will be surprised by the art. I like how all the spaces flow into each other, the gallery space into the clothes store and restaurant. The work itself is also vibrant and colourful which adds to the vitality of RA. EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 31st, 2012.   Above: "Untitled, 2012" by Laurent Impeduglia (BE).

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