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Food For Beauty, Cooking with Marc Tubex

"As a spa therapist i work with beauty and balance all the time, it is not my work, it is my lifestyle. Real beauty comes from the inner you, so when you eat beautiful fresh food, you are beautiful. What you eat is what you feel and see “Beautiful skin”. So join my fountain of youth and let me cook a smile on your face and a glow on your skin and soul." Marc Tubex. Spa therapist.

Food For Beauty, Cooking with Marc Tubex

Food For Beauty, Cooking with Marc Tubex

Starter: Goat's cheese balls wrapped in a coat of coriander seeds and grllled paprika.
Main Course: Baked cauliflower with cumin seeds, spanish pepper and almonds.
Sweet potato with fennel seeds, olive oil and red nori seaweed.
Dessert: Baked apricots with pomegranate and pistachio crumble.  
All ingredents are selected to make you more beautiful than you are and boost your skin with anti-oxidants, vitamins, energy, anti-aging and love.

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