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ITS#9 RA winner: niels peeraer

ITS#9 in trieste this year hosted a wealth of young talented designers across the fields of fashion design, accessories design and photography. ra was proud to attend for the first time as the hosts of the new ra award, when we offer a fashion designer the chance to display their work in-store and host an event to celebrate their collection. the jury this year was a panel of exciting and eccentric names, from dutch duo viktor & rolf to boutique owner maria luisa, london power pr mandi lennard, image consultant donald potard and nina nietsche from the maison martin margiela. ra is excited to announce the recipient of the 2010 inaugural ra award at the ITS#9 fashion competition in trieste is 3nd year antwerp academy designer niels peeraer, with his collection "kisokuzy akai no dorei geishan 58-65". kisokuzy akai no dorei geishan 58-65 in the Future the earth has become a place where mankind only cares about machines and technology, forgetting the pleasures of life. colours fade, food starts to taste bland. nature starts to fade away. but there are some people who are gifted, they can step into the "gloom", a world of shimmering, created as a last essence of nature. it doesn't take long before people start exploiting them. enslaved by the aristocrats, they are forced to live as geisha-pets, living only to serve others. niels' chose to show his collection on a lithe group of asian boys, as a relevant social piece that asks us to look past gender to see his utopian beauty. the garments were an array of body conscious stretch corsetry, high-waisted skirts, artfully-draped silk dresses and bondage harnesses worn with coats that cocooned over the shoulders and fell kimono-style down the torso. hand-embroidered knee socks added a further child-like ambience to the mix, and the metal accessories were crafted from equestrian equipment - tying in with his study of the japanese "ponyplay" fetish, when people dress as horses. as his prize, niels will present the collection later this year, in a 'carte blanche' event instore.  other winners we loved were: + diesel award winner: german designer michael kampe from the antwerp academy, whose exploded concept dealt with the deconstruction of pattern, silhouette and fabric and cut. the collection kept a fresh, urban wearability underneath its abstract, shattered shell.  + korean designer juho song from polimoda in florence, whose study of costumes from ladakh ("small tibet") bred a brilliant menswear collection filled with western tailoring fused with eastern ethnical references.   + overall fashion winner takashi nishiyama's 'monster hunter' inspired collection, a furry exploration of the modern japanese worker's costume melded with the fantasy elements of the popular japanese videogame.    + accessories designer sarah williams' artfully customised briefcases and luggage - williams british handmade. 

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