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'The Ghost of Consolation' by Liesbet Adriaensen

Continuing until March 20th, "The Ghost of Consolation" by Belgian artist Liesbet Adriaensen exhibition in Ra Antwerp presents a series of pen-and-ink drawings instilled with an enchanting melancholia, an expression of her personal journey through terminal illness, coupled with an intimate sensibility for the human form garnered from years of experience in the dramatic arts.  "The figures I draw are outlaws, introverted, afraid of being rejected; fearful, because of the injuries they suffered in the past. As spectres in a white landscape, they appear, ready to disappear at a notice. Hidden under veils or masks, introverted, the eyes averted, concealed behind long hair and cigarette smoke they try to be themselves in all their vulnerability and nudity. They are seductively fragile figures. They are in a certain sense self-portraits. I get an idea of myself through drawing this image of the other."

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