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Love Event, 18+

We celebrated Valentine's Eve with Andrea Cammarosano, Petrus Heeren, Spaghetti Gangbang and L.I.A in a steamy music/performance/art party! Spaghetti gangbang broadcast over the internet from inside their pink furry phallus, mixing erotic fruit juices for their voyeuristic onlookers in RA and across the web. Andrea cammarosano offered his 'services' for the night, with a veritable smorgasbord of cut-and-paste Andrea aliases from all over the map, for paying customers to take home and enjoy. Petrus heeren performed a sensual adolescent ritual in the front hut, recreating a teenage boy's bedroom scene and tenderly portraying a pubescent protagonist alone and exploring his own physicality in the 'privacy' of his own space.

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