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MXXX Media Exhibition

the MXXX media exhibition brings together an unusual assortment of created and found objects from five international artists, with a visual and tactile feast of pale, cool colours and textures. du wei wei's "world" - a window display of cotton + plastic 'aquatic' sculptures flow like coral formations, others resembling bubblegum bubbles. florian tomballe's powdery collections of stones "100 pink rocks" and crumbled fibres construct an evolving story of destructive time. loes everaert's twisted polystyrene plant seems to have mutated out of its own foam base, a massive bud protruding from its fibrous mass.  denitsa todorova's majestic paper mural "why don't you like me?" plays on matte and shine, with a blur of speeding horses, fire and brimstone. charlotte grandgaignage's "alice" is a collection of delicate shells rendered infinitely precious in locked glass boxes, arranged in a perfect order - a human construction against all codes of nature.  in MXXX media, responders are engaged in a battle between the synthetic and the organic - as materials and intent are never exactly what they seem.  

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