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Christmas Markets 2012

The annual Christmas markets are a heart-warming tradition in the corridor of RA, offering an eclectic selection of gifts (big and small) from RA and friends.  From hand-painted decorations and patchwork to homemade cosmetics, vintage garments and design objects, the markets promise something for everyone! The 2012 edition introduces Christelle Gualdi’s organic candles, ethnic decorations from our neighbour Daniel Pollet, Hui Hui’s cut-it-yourself silk scarves, and the return of Antwerp’s spa master Marc Tubex with a range of luxurious beauty and skincare products. Marilyn Ambach's "Life on Mars" hobby collection include collages, jewelry and knitting, and for Christmas a focus on handmade zip pouches in soft, feminine fabrics. The Canadian designer Tabitha Osler will present homemade Christmas wrapping papers, and Pauline Gaeremynck offers handmade patchwork alongside reclaimed painted objets d'art. Joining us once again, Julie Fogel will present "lovewoods by creation" - handmade drawings on wood inspired by Indian, Tibetan, Mayan and Arabic culture with a soul message to give and share with your beloved, soulmates, friends & family (in cooperation with Jasmine de Beuckelaer will show her artisanal patchwork murals, alongside Annie Timmerman's painted decorations and Nathalie Joret's tea cups and postcards! Come and discover RA in all its Christmas glory, decorated with a sumptuous Christmas tree dress, twinkling lights and tinsel.

RA is extending an open call invitation to all Antwerp-based creatives to set up your own stall and enjoy the fun!
The markets run from December 1st - Christmas eve during our opening hours - email for more details!

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    Life On Mars
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