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Poupi Whoopy 4 release party

Woop woop! The new Poupi Whoopy book called the *casting issue* resulted from an open casting which took place in ra on April 12th 2011 - im sure you remember! 34 people showed up and had their picture taken in the nude by 3 photographers. Limited to 250 copies it sees it's release adorned by the creeps who do a waffle shuffle, Alice Springs, LVMM and Chadd Curry as dahc dermur #8 at an event with performances and installations.DJ's will be Blanche & Bietnik and the Sorry Sex Partners. Cake, waffles and coffee in the afternoon, beer and cocktails in the evening. We promise you that no one will be naked!   ABOUT POOPI WHOUPY hurray for boobies! that's pretty much what poupi whoopy magazine is about. we rehashed classic pin-ups and a whiff of burlesque with raunchy DIY and came up with a nudie mag that's somewhere between pop art and underground. only downside? you won't be able to pretend you read poupi whoopy for the witty articles.  we make sexy pics with a tongue in cheek sense of humor. not to mention we feature more bare boobs than you can shake a stick at—big'uns, small ones, perky ones... we're not picky when it comes to size and looks: we picture women and men for your pleasure ànd theirs, guys and gals who are proud to show their curves and demonstrate that beauty manifests itself in many forms.  so don't expect silicone galore and airbrushed skin, we use our photoshop skills for crazy kitsch backgrounds. we do love foldouts though, but instead of choosing glossy wafer-thin paper, we spend hours silk screening body parts, folding pages by hand and stapling them together with great care. we could have chosen a bank account in switzerland by going for lucrative, sleazy porn, instead we've put all our craft into a magazine that will make you smile all over. (really, all over.) yeah, we're getting cheesy. poupi whoopy was founded by graphic designer janus 'prutpuss' lemaire and his girlfriend sky van der hoek, who is a make-up artist. after three editions of girlie goodness, photographer ulrike biets and journalist jill mathieu joined in to put together an all male edition and the brand new poupi whoopy 4, featuring both boys and girls, happily showing the goods.

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