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Priests, Camille Pajot Exhibition

Is mythology still in our society? Apart from religions, how can we transpose today paganism societies from the antic world in our new way of living. When you think about dionysies in Greece, that phenomenon you could experiment in the first theater plays, would it be the same in a music show or a baseball match watched by thousand of people at the same time. That is one of Camille Pajot's goals, wondering if we can still find the same schemes. In the exhibition of Camille Pajot, opening in ra, he tries  to put together different ages of our history, through the materials and the symbols. He uses the geological aspect of plaster for example, with different slices of time, erosion, and mix them with representation of our progress, science, and actual researches.  Not wanting to separate between biology, astronomy, or medical researches, the idea is only to create a visual link between old times and our actual society. The video Camille will show is the first he's ever done, his obsession with giving life to this kind of classical façade having drawn a lot before, and realized, he thought a video would be the best way to make this happen.  Prior exhibits include a performance with an installation last year in paris, at the French National Library, François Mitterrand, which was called "data 28.5°N-22.2°E" and an installation at the French Institute in New York in December 2010 entitled "decision room".

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