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RA Kitchen's Spring Menu

Starters Soup of the moment with Georgian monastery bread 5,5 Goat’s cheese with seasonal chutney 9,0 Crispy baby spring veggies salad with Tamarillo vinaigrette 8,5 Couscous and beluga lentils salad with fresh herbs 8,0 Mixed green beans salad with green Dukka (pine nut, cumin seed and pumpkin kernel mix), lemon and olive oil 9,0 Duck breast Carpaccio with fresh chili and coriander sauce 11,0 Main Pizza with young Imerulla cheese, chard and walnuts 13,0 Grilled Nori wrapped sardines, served with couscous and beluga lentils salad 13,5 Pork and turkey organic sausages, served with new potatos, celeriac root salad and herbs 16,0 Eggs poached in yogurt with spring garlic, rosemary + bread 9,5 Pasta with flat beans, spring garlic and white wine sauce13,0 Sweet-heart A couple of spring macaroons, (made in Antwerp) 5,5 Michelle’s lemony cheese cake 7,0 Cake of the week 5,5 Discover RA Kitchen here

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