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RA knitting exhibition

'Gitanesque grain of soul' - Celebrating the opening of 'Unravel' at Antwerp's MoMu fashion museum on the 15th of March 2011, Anastasia Freygang will create a unique perfomance based on reactional dance in combination with scupltural arrangements. Recordings will be played by sound artist Alan Gleeson throughout the evening. Tony Hornecker, Arielle de Pinto, Spaghetti Gang Bang and Kevin Kramp will bring their own edge to the installation, showcased in-store until the 17th of April. Korean artist Kwangho Lee will add his own artisan touch to the proceedings with his knitted lighting pieces and woven artefacts, using tying and knots as an emotional and sensitive technique. Anastasia's performance featured ever-changing silhouettes on the garden walls - the outdoor as an enclosure to be witnessed. Once inside,  sounds from clapping  to technotic beats from a portable amp launched the act.

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