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RA Paris Showroom

 From September 28th to October 2, RA Paris has the pleasure to invite you to discover a selection of unique creations by young and independent designers during Paris Fashion Week. A cocktail will be held on Saturday 28th from 8pm to midnight to celebrate the showroom's opening.

RA Paris
14 rue de la Corderie
75003 Paris
Tel +33 1 42 74 04 07



The minds of Anna Urievna Kushnerova, fashion designer and founder of RA, and Michelle Anay Woods, former Fine Art and Fashion student in London and Antwerp and member of the performance-based collective LVMM, came together, joining their artful fingers to create PEARLIS, a line of bespoke women garments.

Stemming from an intimate collaboration of the two designers minds and souls, PEARLIS's first collection proposes a romantic & crafty interpretation of the modern summer garde-robe through eight fanciful silhouettes and shoe designs that will suit musical women on their daily and nocturnal ventures.

Dalida is in the mood for love, she is elegant and mysterious, a butterfly in the night.
Viola, is music herself, she tickles with a melody of the finest flute.
Hilary, warm as the silks of August evenings, her touch is a magical spell and her whisper is fragrant with peach.
The exuberant elegance of Silvia is sharp and the feng shui of her body flaunts an asymmetry of soft silver edges.
Nectar is at ease in her casual glamour, she adorns her body in dirty pinks.
Our youngest, Sasha, is fresh as a newborn rose at dawn.
Dosinia surely is the masterpiece of her ethereal self.

PEARLIS's collection will be introduced in the theatre hall of RA Paris on September 28 during Paris Fashion Week. RA Paris has the pleasure to invite you to discover delightful creations by PEARLIS & Kasper De Vos's sculptural instruments to the sound of sensual harp play from 8pm to 9pm.

Satu Maaranen

Finnish designer Satu Maaranen is a graduate of Aalto University and recipient of the Première Vision prize of the 28th Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival as well as a RA Prize. After studying art and art pedagogy, she interned at Erica (Italy) and Christian Wijnants (Belgium). Maaranen has been featured in Vogue France, Vogue Italia, The Business of Fashion, Interview Magazine, L’Officiel, Womens Wear Daily, Untitled Magazine, i-D online, Marie Claire as well as in Showstudio (among many others). She now works as a freelance designer.

With her collection "Garment in Landscape", Maaranen created a timeless character who changes from being a woman to a boy and back, a person who would be avant-garde and slightly mysterious. She wanted to create a collection that would take into account the surrounding landscape and did research about Land Art, the camouflage phenomenon and the revolutionary Finnish print design in the 60s. She also undertook specific work with innovative materials, covering silk, cotton and viscose with grass, sawdust and sand. Maaranen wishes to instigate a new reflection on Haute Couture (all of her materials and prints are handmade) by leading it into another poetic dimension.

"Instead of simply looking at the landscape, it is a question of genuinely experimenting with it, of blending into it. Through movement the garment becomes an integral part of the landscape, it shapes it."

Her collection will be displayed at RA Paris during the Fashion Week this month.

Ehssan Morshed Sefat

Swedish-Iranien designer Ehssan Morshed Sefat graduated from his 4th year at the Royal Academy in Antwerp after displaying his collection "Jungle Exxxotica" at the Academy's 50th Anniversary show. I also previously studied at Eindhoven's Design Academy.

Watch out for the blast of colours , skins and prints that is Ehssan's collection inspired by fierce women like Jane from Tarzan and the Korean beach volley player Zhan Xi. His jungle ladies are dressed in woven towels, patched leather and printed lycra and wear chunky bamboo sandals. Brazilian colours, cannabis leaves, Asian softdrink signs and all kinds of exotica are blended into this optimistic and energetic collection". [Karen Van Godtsenhoven]

Ehssan Morshed Sefat has also been designing a collection of bathing suits derived from his graduation collection together with Laura Welker from collective LVMM under the name VELVETESQUE.
RA Paris is very excited to introduce Ehssan's womenswear collection during this September's Fashion Week.

Sayaka Yamamoto

Sayaka Yamamoto was born in Japan, where she graduated from the Hiko Mizuno Jewelry Collage in Tokyo in February 2005. Sayaka has been living in the Netherlands since September 2005 and she graduated from the department Man & Identity at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008. She is also half of BCXSY together with designer Boaz Cohen.

Her new collection, entitled Gorgonia, is inspired by the sea-fan coral (Gorgonian) and the way it slowly grows in layers. Sayaka Yamamoto imagined what would happen when the coral's growth is limited by a foreign shape which forces it to expand in an unnatural way - in other words as if it were in a mold. The new pieces she made look as though the corals were growing into a 'ready-made' piece of jewelry.

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Rani Bageria

Rani Bageria founded her namesake label in Vienna in 2013.?The designer of German and Indian decent grew up in Tyrol and graduated from the Fashion Department of Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2007.?She then worked as a knitwear designer for long-established Parisian fashion house Chloé. Bageria also took active parts in projects for Ann Demeulemeester, Christian Wijnants and Fabrics Interseason, made it to the ITS 6 finalists and worked as a costume and set designer for movies and other artistic ventures.

Rani Bageria ?s style combines apparent contradictions : it is rough but playful and always subtle. Her collections convey an effortless mixture of flamboyance and wearability as well as the fact that she demands a high deal both of the quality of the materials used and their manufacture.

For Spring Summer 14, Rani Bageria drew inspiration from psychedelic cultural movements of the 70s and 90s and developed silk fabrics with typical colors and symbols which still take a second and third glance to discover their full optical allure.
Silk dresses and ensembles are complemented by craft inspired knitwear from silks and linens.

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Jui-Chen Hu

Jui-Chen Hu was born in 1988 in Taipei, Taiwan. After graduating from Taipei National University of the Arts as a Fine Art major, she moved to Florence, Italy and enrolled at Polimoda International institute of Fashion design and Marketing. Because of the deep influence of her previous artistic education, Jui-Chen’s work is pervaded by a strong expression of visual elements, a mixture of texture and form. Basing on the experience of living abroad and cultural research, she seeks to find new interpretations of the notions of East and West.

Her collection Yin Yang illusion is inspired by the Beijin opera from the late Qing dynasty.
Throughout Chinese history, drama is considered as one of the most important art forms and Jui Chen-Hu became fascinated by actors and actresses from the end of the Ching dynasty such as Mei Lanfang, who used to play women's roles, and his wife Meng Xiaodong, who was famous for playing men's roles on stage.
Combining the illusion of gender and identity with the culture of Qing dynasty and the works of artists Alexander Tinie and Nadav Kander, Jui-Chen Hu started her own journey to find an identity.

Jui Chen Hu will be presenting her womenswear collection during September 2013's Paris Fashion Week at the RA showroom in Paris.