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RESERVED Magazine Release Party

 RA Paris has the pleasure to invite you to the launch of RESERVED magazine's first issue, which will be held on Thursday the third of October from 7pm to midnight. If the new RESERVED magazine was a man, he’d be the guy that the smart girls adored. If RESERVED was a woman, she’d be the poster girl for “sprezzatura,” the elusive, and illusive, art of sailing through life without any apparent effort. RESERVED : the magazine for some people. We are engaged in a quest to find intellectually thirsty, uber-creative people as both readers and contributors. Think of us as a digital Algonquin Round Table, a gathering place for the brilliant, neurotic, driven, neurotic, interesting, and of course, neurotic – but in a funny & interesting way. Originally conceptualized in the summer of 2011, friends and collaborators Whitney Mercurio, creative director and Richard Villani, producer, both with extensive creative backgrounds ranging from the Andy Warhol Museum, Nine West, Vanity Fair and Vogue – along with couture fashion illustrator Mitja Bokun and book producer, NPR commentator and humorist, Jim Downey, decided they had a lot to offer creative enthusiasts and the generally curious

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