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Romain Brau's Crystal Christmas

Maybe the snow is not yet falling but around Romain Brau, crystal falls forever... Born in the center of the Planet sun, son of Venus and Apollon, our angel Romain was making embroideries all his young life. Crystal from Swarovski, Bird of Paradise feathers, Silver fox from SAGA and many other antique treasures are reworked for a dreamy result. The people are all waiting for it, standing straight in front of the wooden doors of RA! Everyone is sweating in their furs... they didn't eat for days waititng for the delivery from the secret adresses of R.B ateliers. A group of children wrapped in lynx skins and decorated in gold jewels head-to-toe are all gathered around a phallic copper plate offering the latest jewellery collection of Romain Brau. All unique pieces, made by hand. Who will be the proud owners?

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