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Romain Brau's "Touch the Goddess" Night

 At the end of this month, RA co-founder and designer Romain Brau will step down from Mount Olympus and take over RA Paris to present his otherworldly new collection. This season, Romain collaborated with the dancer and choreographer François Chaignaud on two dreamlike costumes that Chaignaud will be sporting for his new performance at the Montpellier Danse festival. Working together, the two creative souls came up with the weirdest and most insane results : birds flying around hats, dresses made of hair and lazered plants falling all around the dancer. Romain Brau invites you to enjoy an Ambrosia cocktail while strolling among his new creations. At 7:30pm, Romain and François will enthrall you for a fleeting instant with an exclusive performance and the cocktail party will then go on until midnight. Since his very first collection, Couture-addict Romain Brau extracts his pieces from his wildest dreams and worst nightmares. He delights in blending colors and textures, feathers and furs, to send you straight to the third dimension with his men couture and custom-made designs. For invitations please RSVP : ROMAIN BRAU'S TOUCH THE GODDESS VIDEO

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Romain Brau