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Sayaka Yamamoto, Collecssion

on friday august 27th, japanese designer sayaka yamamoto presented her latest collection of handmade brooches and other unique jewellery pieces through the ra corridor. sayaka offered her works like a museum exhibit, by presenting her pieces like found organic specimens in perspex cases.   she accompanied the collections with her own intricate illustrations, published in a 20-page limited edition book, on sale with ra printed matter. the three separate collections are detailed below: Second Life pieces created from vintage buttons and toy soldiers.  a comment on an alternative reality. constructed to resemble plant-life, but they reveal a secret intent – the soldiers seem to be dancing, playing (think synchronised swimming).  Second Life features eighty-eight brooches - each one unique, numbered, and available exclusively at RA. Tuber sixty-one brooches made of copper with an acrylic layer. just as in nature, what comes out of the tuber is always a little unexpected and surprising. unique colour effects are created by folding and unfolding the copper think of the inkblots in the rorschach test… the structure creates a vein-like relief illustrating the beginning of life, like the Tuber. no two Tuber brooches are quite the same, nor ever will be. Sketch I - Pine a series rendered in grey sketching board. cut and assembled to mirror elements of nature.  each piece hand-made as a variation of the first. every brooch is a new interpretation, the birth of a new life form. each Sketch is coated to be water resistant, but keeps its strange mix of roughness/delicacy. ‘Pine’ is the first Sketch and consists of thirty-four different brooches. photography by mélanie buatois.