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The Black Theatre

"dedicated to those who are inspired - even in the darkest places..." Once upon a time, a beautiful girl shone her light into a dark place and found a cave of wonders.Illuminating this new world, shadows played across the walls, telling the tales of black fashion history. Venturing through time she was transported to the greatest Parisian ateliers of the 20th century and invited to glamorous black tie parties, mingling with the chic celebrities of days gone by. She saw the stark streets, cathedrals and squares of Antwerpen – home to Belgium’s most cutting-edge designers. Peering into a shop window, covetable icons of modern and vintage craftsmanship stared back from behind plate glass, with accessories and jewels shining like black diamonds. Suddenly, the cave filled with a fantastical crowd of people and a catwalk was woven from the fabric of night. An ethereal fashion show began with a procession of black couture from the past and present, with glimpses of the future. As the last black-clad goddess left the runway, darkness consumed the traveller. So became the black theatre - a recount forthwith of the traveller’s journeys in that black cave of wonders. A lightbox shadow puppet theatre Edited by RA printed matter and designed by Lena Lumelsky Featuring scenes and characters from 20th century fashion history Limited edition of 200 copies, handmade in Belgium Sold at RA and MoMu on the occasion of the exhibition 'BLACK. Masters of Black in Fashion & Costume'

dedicated to those who are inspired - even in the darkest places... a lightbox shadow puppet theatre edited by ra printed matter and designed by lena lumelsky featuring scenes and characters from 20th century fashion history

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