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Tribute to Montana + 1

specializing in strong colors, monochromatic fabrics, and lots of leather and wool, success and notoriety came immediately. then he discovers the leather work and its technique. he gets passionately fond of this material and becomes a real alchemist in this field. we could go on and on and on.  and from stylish audacity to multifaceted talent, that's thierry mugler. in our month of may ra's vintage corner together with labels inc. will be gathering all their montana goodies together with thierry mugler treasures to pay tribute to two men who make the woman beautiful and conquering while always searching for perfection and refinement. the most sort after '80s designers! a fine exhibit of some of their best pieces and ideas and some of which you could be able to get your hands on and actually buy, can you believe it?! Montana sees his woman as "a traveler, an adventuress in some faraway place," and his book titled montana: fashion radical to be also launched and available at ra, shows us just that. a consummate artist, montana's incredible sketches are sprinkled throughout the book and are complimented by equally compelling photos. the visual narrative shows how each ensemble was like an entire work of art, clearly conceived down to every detail.  

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