Aurelien Dupuis

French artist Aurélien Dupuis lives and works in Brussels, after graduating from the Fine Art Academy (Beaux-arts)Toulouse in 2006. Aurelien “paints” with markers, basic chidren's markers, a low- tech tool which he uses to repeat again and again a gesture and a theme until he exhausts it. Using such techniques enables him to slow down time and movements in this increasingly fast technological environment. Painting has no temporal dimension, as opposed to photographs and videos. Using such a technique - and to be assimilated to painting (Aurélien is educated as a painter)- engages the artist in a sort of 'war' against mass-media and consumerism. Never before have so many pictures been produced so easily, thanks to low-price digital cameras. Aurelien presented two large works in the 'Progressive Recuperation of the Clichés' exhibition at RA Antwerp in June 2010, from his 'Enfant + Chien' series. The works confront the instant phenomenon of social media platforms, and the diffusion of casual images of family and friends.

Enfant et Chien II

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