Ben Berckmoes

Landscape gardener Ben Berckmoes created the natural elements of RA Antwerp as an extension of his personal exploration of the mythology of plants and the growing world. The RA forest downstairs is a rich, dense cover of taxus baccata trees, especially chosen by the RA team from just outside of antwerp. They provide a living and breathing respite of shade and oxygen to the built world of RA Antwerp and the city surrounds. Upstairs we find the roof terrace garden - a lush, grassy knoll that encircles our restaurant skylight and builds up into a mysterious cave, inspired by childhood fantasies of what lies at the bottom of the garden. The RA garden is fighting against traditional notions of gardening as a means for creating regimented order. Ben works with us to maintain an organic, dynamic atmosphere in our space, nurturing our natural environment for sustainable growth.

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