Céline Felga

French painter Céline Felga graduated in 2006 from the ERG, Institut St Luc in Brussels (Belgium), after completing a degree in Fine Arts High Studies in Toulouse (France) in 2004. Céline has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the Platform Rhok in Brussels, for "8 years of swimming lessons" in 2009. Céline won the first price of the UNESCO painting contest in 1997 and the award of the Collection Patrimoine of the Institute St-Luc, Brussels.

Céline bases her work on the recuperation of images ranging from media fragments, posters she finds on the streets, freeze frame of films or polaroids. However, she does not simply reproduce the pictures she finds, she reinterprets them through her own “mise-en-scène”. Céline compares the act of painting with making a film, as a painter who engages in the same process as a film maker, cutting and editing moving images. By painting ambiguous images, she challenges viewers in reading her intentions. Each painting is a composition inspired by one or several pictures, with several meanings and interpretations that leave the viewer free to decide on what they see in her paintings. Céline displayed three works in the 'Progressive Recuperation of the Clichés' exhibition at RA Antwerp in June 2010.

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