Dashenka Prochazka's work is poetic and morbid while being nonetheless cheerful, filled with complex details we often only understand after a second reading. Dashenka employs all mediums - she paints, draws, sculpts, silk-screens, and creates installations and musical performances. At RA Antwerp, Dashenka created a magical world for one night, as feathers grew from the floor and marshmallows flowed in mountains. Hiding in the straw kassa hut, Dashenka's hushed lyrics floated through the space as guests explored her magic mystery boxes and discovered her ghost men hiding in corners and in the RA forest (some with their faces alive with fantastical projections). Dashenka's bunny men bounced in slinky suits in the blackened hut, with strobe lights sending them into a frenzy.  BEFORE ANY CREATION IS THE THOUGHT

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