Jan de Lauré

Born in 1978, Belgian artist Jan de Lauré lives and works in Antwerp, after studying Animationfilm at the Royal Academy in Gent and Free Fine Arts (painting) at St. Lucas, Antwerp.His work has appeared in numerous exhibitions including gallery Aeroplastics Contemporary (Brussels) and Faktor 44 (Antwerp). Jan wrote and performed the score for 'TV-Dinner', a short film from Ian Swerts (directed and edited the film of 'Untitled' presented in this exhibition.    Jan de Lauré calls himself a gleaner, similarly to 19th century French painter Millet's Les glaneuses (the gleaners). Like many painters, he bases his work on ready-made images he finds in the mass-media. Jan claims that the images choose him, he simply picks them up, without searching for a specific image on a predetermined theme. He wants to show to the viewer's face an image he might have otherwise bypassed. He does not paint to express himself, but to share a view on the world, on a fragment of this world. To him expressionism is a closed chapter in art history.    Jan does not consider himself as a painter. His focus is therefore not on the technique, i.e. on how the paint lands on the canvas, but on rendering the power of the image. This is why he uses paint in a very dexterous way, layering thin coats of paint on top of each other in order to reproduce a photographic impression of the image. No other medium however can reproduce this layering that characterises painting. Jan exhibited the triptych 'Maddie Glows' (2008) for 'Progressive Recuperation of the Clichés' at RA Antwerp in June 2010, depicting the famously missing British child who was abducted in Portugal. It is shown alongside an untitled short film that depicts a physical journey of one of his canvases through the streets of Antwerp, and the reactions of the public to this assertive and imposing gesture.  

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