Lliure Briz

Lliure briz is a 26 year old spanish visual artist studying, living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. Her site-specific works and ?visual operas? hold a shadowy playfulness - experimenting with light and movement, film and photography, involving a scientific appreciation of the natural world around us, be it elements of the natural world or the human form. Lliure?s recent experimentation with fashion practice has led her to create garments with translucid fabrics + digital printing, as well as testing different processes of treating the print image.  Alongside her participation in the RA Paris exhibition for SS11, Lliure has been responsible for curating several exhibitions and happenings at RA Antwerp throughout 2009-10, including the MXXX Media exhibition for emerging mixed media artists in July 2010. 

Lliure Briz @ RA Paris