Mathieu Lehanneur

Mathieu Lehanneur is a Paris based industrial designer, whose focus on the organic and scientific realms has yielded some fantastical creations from his futuristic, driven imagination. His designs include some major advances in ecological technologies, some in prototype and others realized as functional forms. These include the Bel Air device, a small plant-powered air purifier that uses natural flora to combat and absorb toxins in the air, and the Local River project, a home aquarium-terrarium environment for cultivation of vegetables and maintenance of aquatic life. He has also been instrumental in the scenography of exhibitions at the Cartier Foundation in Paris, perfume container design, and even creating structures to house stray cats. For RA Antwerp, Mathieu has designed the fluid formation of our kassa desk, an ethnic-inspired hut shape that curves around the right side of the first floor. It is created from thatched straw.

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