Nicolas Van Kerckhove

Nicolas Van Kerckhove is a Brussels-based painter and graduate of the La Cambre academy (2003). His research consists of collecting snapshots on the internet, in newspapers and in flea markets without a predetermined idea - except for the one of reflecting our society and the world in which we live. Nicolas claims to hold a hate/love relationship with those pictures. He likes to evoke the media without directly showing media images. Because he refuses to give in to an unlimited fascination for media images, he gave up using images circulated in abundance by mass-media. This is why he chose to base his work on anonymous amateur pictures that show the banal everyday violence, barely perceptible in our society. His intention is to show the unfair, negative, violent side of the world through the reinterpretation of images, which appear innocent at first sight.

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    Nicolas Van Kerckhove @ Ponyhof