Romain Brau

Parisian menswear designer Romain Brau tells us he was ‘born in the sea’, and found his way on land to begin RA with Anna Kushnerova in 2009, after studying at the Antwerp Academy (class of 2008). Designing costumes to make people dream, Romain has developed an opulent portfolio of richly embellished pieces that reference baroque and tribal costumes with fur, feathers and crystals as his luxurious materials of choice. His collections can be found hanging in RA and Midwest (Tokyo). As RA's creative director, Romain's involvement extends from fashion buying and talent scouting to interior design, visual merchandising and logistics. Ever a dreamer with his head in the clouds, he keeps his feet firmly on the ground - with a 'hands-on' enthusiasm for the evolution and development of RA projects in Antwerp, Paris, Arnhem, Basel, Brussels, Hong Kong and beyond.

Romain Brau Spring Summer 2012