Walt Van Beek

Walt Van Beek, reverses the traditional working methods of an archaeologist by subverting his methods. His exhibition 'Walt me, Choco!' runs from 1st - 30th January 2012 at RA Antwerp. "From deconstruction to re-construction, of a known/outdoor object in an indoor space. The object is shown in a new environment and it gains new meaning. The original form is disguised, it may take an unrecognisable function and by doing so gives the viewer the possibility to remake the object according to her/his imagination. The action consists of bringing a new layer to the object; hiding it by protecting the object is the conservation. WVB will show his layering methods through different phases. During the show the viewer will be able to see the object's transformation. Gläso arises from an intimate relation and a personal attraction; and is the love for a banned and lost object. It is an attempt to crystallize time by reversing the process, from stable to fluid in different circumstances which would then in principle evoke endless transparencies. Gläso is the existence of a project and a work in progress."


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