RA Paris Exhibition Womens AW11-12

For AW11-12, RA brings together 11 people who become attached to very unusual things mainly... They have their tics, their thoughts, their spins and perves, and most relevantly they share the transcendental.

Nono Pessoa
Collectif Du 7 Janvier
Stephanie D'heygere - Been By D'heygere 
Irene Alvarez For  'A Label By'
J Smith Esquire
Spaghetti Gang Bang
Sayaka Yamamoto
House Of Matching Colours
Hide A.H
Helena Lumelsky
Serkan Cura

Liza's Territory, a fashion and photography exhibition based around sartorial and visual reinterpretations of helena lumelsky's teenage daughter was showcased, with images shot by photographer Zeb Daemen featuring 8 contributors: Narelle Dore, Johanna Trudzinski, Hide A.H., Damien Fredriksen Ravn, Lena Lumelsky, Johan Akesson, Elise Gettliffe and Heaven Tanudiredja.