Sugary Photographs, a festival on photography

RA presents Anouk Kruithof and Fong Ponto, ?in conjunction with "Sugary Photographs with tricks, poses and effects"?? a festival on photography in the RA bookstore and kitchen space. Anouk Kruithof’s work “enclosed content chatting away in the colour invisibility”?is an existential study of borders, depicting a 4x2m installation of over 4000 coloured books she has collected in Berlin.?The tower of books is captured mid-flight as it begins to tumble to the ground – the order of its layered landscape?turning to chaos in a moment. Fong Ponto has taken a more intrusive step into the RA bookstore and kitchen with his spatial installation “installation the bookstore”. Carpeting the tiled café floor and arranging his video projections ?in traffic areas of the bookstore, fong has reconfigured the space, even causing patrons to rethink ?their seating choices – to enter the artwork or not! Fong’s video “30 min loop” is projected in the bookshelves on two floating screens, ?and is a ‘video portrait’ of himself and artist Kathrin Klingner ?wearing her helmet creations, seated in a near-static scene.

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