Yuima Nakazato SS10

From Tokyo to Antwerp via Paris, Yuima Nakazato's ground-breaking spring summer 2010 collection of shoes and body jewellery was showcased alongside a silent fashion film. Yuima graduated from the Antwerp Academy in 2008, and currently works and lives in Tokyo. The pieces shown were a high zipped leather boot , a low zipped flat slipper, a chainmail shoulderpiece and chainmail legging. The high boots won the YKK award at ITS#8, for their ingenious design that folds and unbottons from the boot into a flat semicircle of leather. When placed together on the floor, the shoes become a disc of leather akin to an alien UFO. The accompanying film is of a dancer in the dark, wearing the heavy, fluid chainmail and intricate shoes, performing a slow routine.   The concept revolves around flat paper that turns into a three-dimensional form, in the way of the traditional Japanese paper art known as “origami”. Yuima mixed this concept with technological fabrics - with all of his accessories starting out from a flat, square form. When you touch them and wear them, they become three-dimensional, paying homage to the architecture of birds’ wings. When you do not wear them, they turn back to a flat square. From an extremely simple form to a very complicated one. Photography by yves de brabander. 

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